Nissan Rogue Delivers Performance Through Technology

The Nissan Rogue delivers impressive performance through drive technologies, which makes it a popular compact SUV. Intelligent Trace Control allows you to handle the SUV effortlessly. With this technology, drivers can hug curves, read traffic situations better, and steer smoothly at all times.

Intelligent Engine Brake is another technology the Nissan Rogue delivers. The technology delivers smoother deceleration when needed. What this means is cornering and coming to a stop are easy to do. The compact SUV uses the CVT transmission to apply just enough braking that will help decrease your chances of stopping short and help keep your purse safely in the front seat too.

When you're ready to see what the Nissan Rogue delivers in terms of performance, come down to Nissani Bros. Auto Mall in Culver City, CA. Our sales team will give you a better understanding of these technologies and everything else the Nissan has to offer you.

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