Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

When you are driving through Culver City and you suddenly see that your tire light is on, you are probably going to first be struck by a sense of panic. You are going to want to know if your car is about to give out or your tire is about to blow. The fact of the matter is that your tire might indeed be about to go flat. That is, after all what the TPMS is for. The tire pressure monitoring system is supposed to tell you when your tire pressure is low. The thing is, it's not always 100 percent accurate.

There is a chance that the reason your TPMS light is on is because there is something else going on. If your tire pressure is ok and the light is on, it's possible it might be a thing where the change in temperature has tripped the sensors. If the light is on, stop in to our auto repair shop and find the reason.


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