Ram ProMaster Offers Safety and Style

The Ram ProMaster is designed with multiple safety solutions that prevent injuries during collisions. Many of these safety features are found in the cabin near the passengers to reduce the impact of a collision on the road.

Ram engineers scattered seven air bags throughout the cabin. Each of these bags can absorb an impact after the collision sensors detect energy within the frame. Near the zones where the air bags are secured, there are multiple seats with head restraints. These components prevent neck injuries during fender benders. During severe collision situations, passengers are strategically protected in the cabin because the outer frame's unique construct generates a shield. This shielded material is placed throughout the vehicle in crush zones.

By taking the Ram ProMaster for a test drive, you can experience how the car handles on the road. Ram ProMaster test drive opportunities are available at Nissani Brothers Auto Mall in Culver City, CA today.

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