Practice Safe Driving by Preventing Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning while driving down the highway can be a scary and dangerous experience for any driver, no matter how experienced. Hydroplaning is what can occur when the tires on the vehicle do not meet the road surface fully and the vehicle begins to glide across the road.

While there are actions you can take when the vehicle starts to hydroplane, it is better to avoid this from happening altogether. If the road conditions are hazardous because of heavy rain, drive around 10 miles slower than the posted speed limit. If you see a large amount of water on the road ahead of you, slow down gradually. Keeping your tires in tip-top shape is also important, as a low tread will make it harder for the tires to push the water out of the way.

If you need your tires serviced for your travels around Culver City, then bring your vehicle in to the Nissani Bros. Auto Mall car maintenance facility and we will check your tires and conduct any other services you may need.

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