How to Identify Signs of an Exhaust Leak

When an exhaust leak occurs, there are a few signs that, as a driver, you can identify without needing a mechanic. While it is important to note that any repairs should be completed by a qualified technician, if you notice a hissing, whistling, or a popping sound coming from the engine while it is operating, chances are good that you’ve identified an exhaust leak.

An exhaust leak usually starts very small, but it will get bigger over time. Typically, it is due to a hole in an exhaust pipe, or a disconnected exhaust pipe, which can occur due to normal wear and tear. Once you identify the first sign of a leak, it’s important to have an exhaust system check in order to prevent any further damage.

The auto service technicians at Nissani Bros. Auto Mall are highly trained and skilled to diagnose an exhaust leak. Make an appointment at our Culver City service department!

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